Thursday, May 2, 2013

Girl's Detention Center

Girl’s Detention Center On Sunday, April 28th we headed north to perform at a girl’s detention center. As we approached the facility, it reminded us very much of a prison, complete with high fences and barbed wire. From the outside it looked somewhat intimidating, however, the guards were very kind and the fact that it was a nice, warm, sunny day made it seem a bit less menacing. We set up our floor in a very nice gym. Ana’s Battle was presented twice to two separate units. The units were not very large. The first consisted of only a handful of girls, but they were very attentive and receptive to the message. I had the privilege of sharing my testimony to this first group. The second unit had probably twice as many girls as the first unit. This performance was also very well received. Ashley Kate shred her testimony and Miss Ashley shared the Gospel after both performances. After each performance there was definitely a change in the girls’ faces and the general atmosphere. The Lord really brought light into that place and many of them said the salvation prayer. The guards here were very nice and even participated in Healing is in His Hands. It was clear that they really wanted to help these girls get their lives on a better path. I pray there were genuine salvations and that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts drawing them closer to himself. Blessings, Abi

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