Wednesday, June 22, 2016

H. W. Smith School

LWB company and trainees, along with fantastic guest performers Jay and Skip, performed "You Are Special" at H. W. Smith School on May 20th. This performance in particular was special, because it was our last time performing this ballet for the season--it had also been ten years since it debuted! We were able to perform for lots of enthusiastic grade levels all at once, which was exciting. Afterward, we were able to teach two gym classes. Both the kids and the company had a great time learning/teaching the different steps, as well as enjoying the kids' personalities and styles. We are so thankful God continues to open doors in our local schools! ~Hannah W.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dr. King Elementary

This May the 19th, Company and trainees continued their trips to the Syracuse schools, at Dr. King Elementary. They had the pleasure of performing You Are Special for the children twice. Both groups of kids responded so well to the story's humor and message. With raucous laughter at the jokes and enthusiastic shouts of "I am super special" and "You are super special" when they were prompted, this group made for one fantastic audience. It was such a blessing to see them grasp and apply the purpose of the ballet, as well as to laugh and smile with each of them. ~Hannah R

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hughes Magnet School

Light of the World Ballet Company and Trainees had the privilege of performing at Hughes Magnet School! The performance of You Are Special just brought genuine smiles to the children's faces and showed them a glimpse of just how special they are. They also learning that their friends were special too and to tell five people that day that "they are special". Such an encouragement for the children and for us! ~Crisanna