Sunday, August 16, 2015

Word of Life Kingdom Kidz

Two weeks ago, we had the joy of returning to Word of Life Church in Baldwinsville, NY. We performed our story ballet "You Are Special" for their Kingdom Kidz services. After the ballet, we presented our piece "Spirit Break Out" and had the kids join in worshipful arm motions at the end. It was moving to watch them so engaged in everything going on and join in with the arm motions. Later we taught them fun dance steps and let them run and jump across the stage! One of our company members shared a testimony and the dancers prayed over the kids before service dismissed. We always love visiting here and seeing God move in the hearts of His precious children. Praying God's continued blessings upon this ministry and the incredible leaders He has positioned there. What a wonderful blessing it is every time we visit! ~ Rachel

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oneida First United Methodist Church

This past Sunday the Company had the honor of returning to Oneida First United Methodist Church. This was the Company's premier of our piece "Build Your Kingdom Here" which has been on the back burner, waiting to be performed for the past 2 or so years! It felt good to be able to finally present it! We also did "Before the Throne" and "Healing is in Your Hands". As always, it blessed me so much to watch the congregation join us in the hand motions to "Healing is in Your Hands". I love the opportunity to worship the Lord together through movement. I always really enjoy the people at Oneida First United Methodist. They are so warm and welcoming and it was such a joy to be able to return! We pray that the Lord blesses them and uses them powerfully to further His kingdom. ~Breanne