Friday, June 1, 2012

mujeres de virtud

On May 18-20 we had the opportunity to go down to Stevens, PA to minister at an womens' event that was put on by a group called Mujeres de Virtud ("Women of Virtue"). It took place on a beautiful campground near the Lancaster area. While some of the women had their sessions upstairs, we got to minister to some of the teens and young girls at the event. We got to share different testimonies with them, pray with them, and also teach them a dance to a song called Solo Cristo ("None But Jesus"). I really enjoyed getting to know the girls and share a little bit of what the Lord has done in my life as well as get to hear where they are at with the Lord. On Saturday night, we got to perform La Corona (Spanish for The Crown) with the Spanish narration for all the women there. They were a great audience! It was so fun to get to perform The Crown in Spanish again, since we haven't done that version since our missions trip to Peru. :) It always tests our listening skills (since none of us speak Spanish!) to hear verbal cues, but it was great. At the very end, the girls got to perform their dance we'd taught them AND got to lead the women in simple arm movements! There was also a Praise dance group at this conference as well, and they danced at the very end to close out the night. It was really neat because the next morning, in our final session with the girls, we shared the Gospel with them, and several raised their hands to pray and know for sure that Jesus was their personal Lord and Savior! It was awesome. There were several others who were not quite there yet, but close, and we got to talk to them and pray for them as well! I know the Lord revealed Himself to them that day, and I know that He will continue drawing them to Himself as well! It was a great weekend full of the Lord's love and faithfulness, and I feel so blessed that we got to be a part of it! Gwen

Van Duyn

On Wednesday, May 23 the Trainees and levels 4, 5, and 6 from the Light of the World Ballet School performed at the Van Duyn adult home. This performance was unique because the company members actually got to take a seat and watch us. Also, every piece danced was choreographed by the students. I was very impressed with such creativity and teamwork coming from the young ballet students. The small audience was very open to my testimony, Miss Ashley’s presentation of the gospel, and the message displayed through all the dances. There were some with tears in their eyes and even more who repeated the prayer of salvation. I think that the Lord was pleased with the effort put forth to bless these dear folks who sometimes feel forgotten. Karissa