Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Believer's Chapel Cicero Easter Service

April 4 & 5, 2015
Easter Weekend

Easter weekend found a few of the LWB company members dancing at Believer's Chapel Cicero. We collaborated with the worship team and choir for a power presentation of Behold the Lamb. We were so blessed to join with the Believer's Chapel team to worship the Risen Lord on Easter! Having live music was a wonderful addition to the already powerful momentum of the song. It was very well received and we had a great time worshiping with the congregation!     ~Alyssa

Saturday, April 11, 2015

IFE Luncheon

March 26th the trainees and company had the privilege of performing for the International Fellowship Evangelism (IFE) luncheon at Syracuse University. We performed various songs including God With Us, Spirit Break Out, Amazing Grace and a piece that I choreographed called Hero. It was wonderful to be able to minister to the college students and to help IFE in their efforts to reach these young adults. I pray that God will water the seeds that were planted! ~Lydia

Saturday, April 4, 2015

H.W. Smith Elementary School

Light of the World Ballet had such a fun time performing for H.W. Smith Elementary school! We performed "Follow the North Star", an inspirational, historical story ballet about Harriet Tubman and her journeys on the Underground Railroad. The students were a wonderful audience! One little girl, when asked if she enjoyed the performance, said she had tears of joy in her eyes! :) After the performance Ms. Ashley led a creative movement/dance session for the first grade P.E. class. The kids were precious and really seemed to enjoy expressing themselves through movement! We were so blessed to spend this time with the students and hopefully instill a sense of individual worth and purpose inside their hearts! :) -Jamie

Friday, April 3, 2015

Salvation Army

Wednesday April 1st, we (LWB Company and Trainees) performed at the Salvation Army Rehab Center in Syracuse. We performed Follow the North Star, our story ballet that shares a message of hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. It was a very special evening. We had a large audience made up of men and women living at the Salvation Army Center. Our audience was very engaged in the performance and was engaged especially toward the end of our time. After the story ballet, Crisanna (Trainee) share her personal testimony of salvation in Christ and Ashley (Director) shared a message of leading others to hope as well as the message of salvation. Several of our audience members indicated that they prayed the prayer of salvation for the first time. After our testimony and salvation message time, we ended the program with "Spirit Break Out" a ballet piece that is really a prayer asking Thy Kingdom Come "We want to see Heaven touching Earth." What a joy to know that God answered that prayer. That He was glorified and that He lead "enslaved" people to freedom in Jesus Christ. We are so grateful to be a part of God's Kingdom Work here in Syracuse, NY.
 Thanks for the prayers and support ya’ll ---Abby