Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shoppingtown Mall

On December 16th the company and levels four through six from the school performed at Shoppingtown Mall at 7:00pm. This was our second time performing with Mission Syracuse. They had live music, singing, and there were other dancers as well. We performed "Christmas Celebration" with a few additions. The mall had a family area with a bathroom, sitting room, some toys for kids to play on, and a baby changing area with a half wall surrounding it. This became our changing room. It was a huge blessing to have this right next to where we were dancing. Performing to live music for a few pieces and being a part of Mission Syracuse was quite exciting. They did a very good job using their talents for Jesus. Afterward, we were able to talk to some people that watched.


Great Northern Mall

On December 15th, with van loaded, hair twisted, and costumes/props packed, we made our way over to Great Northern Mall for the first of our five mall outreach performances. Alongside a group called Mission Syracuse, we got to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through Christmas songs. In addition to the dances that we were doing, there was also lots of wonderful live Christmas music played/sung by members of Mission Syracuse, and even some swing dancing as well! We knew there had been a lot of preparation that had gone into this outreach, not only on our end, but also for all the vocalists, musicians, and other dancers - it was cool to see it come together!

The place where we performed was a little off to the side and a little out of the way, but we had a pretty good sized space and there were benches that people could sit on as well, which was nice. The program went pretty well overall, it being the first time we'd done everything all together - it ended up being a little long, so we cut out a couple things, but it went quite smoothly! The gospel was presented and some raised their hands to received Christ. I also believe that seeds were planted, people were encouraged, and the Lord's name was proclaimed in that mall! Frankly, I'm still a little amazed that we were able to talk about Jesus....but all surprise aside, we will take every opportunity we can get! I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to take part in the outreach next year - what a different, exciting venue! It was a great experience to come alongside Mission Syracuse to use our different gifts to glorify the Lord together; may HIS name be glorified!