Thursday, January 2, 2014

Church on the North Coast Lorraine

Sunday, December 15, Light of the World Ballet had the privilege of performing at Church on the North Coast (Lorraine, Ohio) for their morning worship service. Performing for them was such a joy and pleasure! What a great spirit within the church. Our hosts were so gracious and welcoming- what a blessing they were! We are so very thankful for each and every one of them! At this location, we performed our story ballet "Ana's Battle" along with some of our Christmas pieces. The Lord has so much in store for this wonderful church. We are excited to watch what He does as they continue to seek His face! The weather was very snowy, but the Lord had His hand of protection upon us as we made our travels around Ohio and back to Syracuse. Though it is not fun to drive in, the snow is absolutely beautiful. It always reminds me of how Jesus washes our sins white as snow:) Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! May it be full of many blessings and joy ~ Rachel 

Fayetteville Tree Lighting

LWB Company had the great pleasure of being able to perform at the annual tree lighting in Fayetteville. The tree lighting activities are all held in the garage of the Fayetteville Fire Station. It was a very cold day, so we all bundled up to try to stay warm as we set up in the chilly garage. This performance happened to be right on the tail end of our Thanksgiving break, so we all prayed that we wouldn't look as out of shape as we felt :-) We performed a few Christmas dances. There was a good crowd, and everyone was very festive. It was such a fun way to kick off the Christmas season! After the performance, we had kids come up to try some dance steps. There was a large group of kids who wanted to give it a try. When we finished, most of the kids stuck around to talk or dance around on the floor. I think we all had a blast just dancing around with the kids. I pray that they felt the immense love that the Lord has for each one of them!~Breanne

Salvation Army

On December 11th, Light of the World Company and Trainees performed at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. We performed Ana’s Battle, and concluded with Go Tell in on the Mountain. The audience was extremely excited to have us there, and about half of them raised their hands to accept salvation after the gospel message was given. It was such a joy to perform there! ~ Lydia

Church on the North Coast Valley View

 On December 15, 2013, Light of the World  performed at the Valley View location of Church on the North Coast in Ohio. This was the second of two back-to-back performances, so we were a little out of breath when we got there, but so excited to be able to share with an audience who had been eagerly awaiting our arrival! This was also the second year in row we were able to perform for Church on the North Coast. At the Valley View location, we were blessed by the new renovations to their sanctuary, including a new and larger stage up front! I was so blessed by this congregation. I think they were as excited to see us as we were to perform.  We performed Ana’s Battle, followed by our Christmas repertoire, and afterward we had the chance to talk and pray with the members of the congregation.  As I prayed for one woman, she actually prayed over me as well. What a blessing!  We also had the chance to see and reconnect with two of our former trainees, Abigail Fedor and Karissa Phillips, at this performance. It was great to hear they are doing well. Thanks to Church on the North Coast for letting us fellowship and worship with them again this Christmas season! ~ Rebecca