Sunday, November 28, 2010

Calvary Chapel, Chester Springs PA

Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Sunday we attended Calvary Chapel, Breanne’s home church. Breanne spoke in the 2nd and 3rd service announcing about the performance later that evening.
In the afternoon we set up in the sanctuary and then warmed up. After warming up we ran through our Christmas dances to refresh our memory before performing it. 

First off we did Alive, then Lifesongs, and then Christmas. In Alive, during the hip hop section, Breanne, Ashley and Sarah all hit the stall perfectly! Lifesongs went well, as did Christmas which was done for the first time this year. Breanne shared her testimony and did a really good job. Many of the people in the audience knew Breanne and were happy to see her. Ashley shared a word about believing in the dreams that God has given you and not letting them die. Afterwards we heard that it really touched a lot of people and the words were just what they needed to hear. At the end of the program we led the people in Healing Hands and it was beautiful to see the worship as the people followed along.
Our hosts, the Balmer family, took wonderful care of us. We really enjoyed their company and hospitality.

The church was very welcoming and it was a blessing to be able to minister there. Praise God for the work that was done!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oswego Christian School

On November 10th, we had the opportunity to perform at Oswego Christian School. I think we were all excited to perform and minister to kids as we traveled the 40 minute drive to the school. The company, Sarah, and I performed “Alive” to start, and then the company and the trainee’s performed “The Crown”. Krystalan shared her testimony, and did really well! I believe the dancing was stronger than it had been for some performances, and the performance went very smoothly until we had a problem with one of our props.
At one point in “The Crown”, Ashley, playing the part of Wisdom, calls out to the foolish villagers, but Amy, playing the part of Lachlana, is the only one who hears her. Wisdom encourages her, and tells her how she can attain the Crown of Life. During the scene, Wisdom and her Maiden, Alyssa, use a large white veil while dancing. The stage at the school has a low ceiling, and the veil got caught on a nail on the ceiling! They continued to dance around it, and at the end of the scene, Ashley tried to subtly tug it down, but it began to rip. At this point, we were all laughing backstage as we changed for the next scene. Eventually, Ashley had to pull out a chair to stand on and remove the fabric. It took some effort to keep serious faces as we played the part of the Tormentors, Foolish’s assistants, after that!
At the end of the ballet, the audience participated in the arm motions to a song called “Healing Hands”. Seeing how people worship in movement during that song is always one of my favorite parts of the performances. The Lord’s presence was so evident, and it was such a blessing to be there and see how they were encouraged. We were able to pray with each child afterward, as well as with some people from a nearby nursing home that came for the performance. It was such a blessing to share with and encourage other Christians. I look forward to more opportunities like it! God bless!

Cayla <3

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bowling Green Christian Academy

Our performance at Bowling Green Christian Academy was the first of our OH/PA tour. We spent the morning relaxing at our host home, finding Waldo (please notify me if anyone knows where the barefoot waldo is on the last page :-), and playing Apples to Apples (I won...just thought I'd mention that).
We arrived at the school at 3pm and began setting up the stage. This took a while since the stage was a very unique shape and contained a nice carpet that seemed to repel duct tape. After set up, we had devotions and spent some time praying and worshiping through the auditorium/sanctuary. We were all so excited since we knew that there would be many people there who didn't know Christ. Alyssa and I were also excited because her sister and brother-in-law would be there as well as my parents and sister!
The performance went well. We performed Alive, Mother India, Lifesongs, and led the audience in hand motions to "Healing Hands". Ashley shared the salvation message and did a very good job of presenting it clearly and powerfully. We learned afterward that there were several people who committed their lives to the Lord that night!! How exciting!!! At the very end, we invited the children up to try some dance moves. I'm not sure if I've ever seen so many kids come forward!! They were a very fun, eager group. I think we all had a great time talking to the kids. Many of them wanted our "autographs" :-) I have decided that I should bring along a piece of paper to get autographs from those attending the performance. I know that God's plans for their lives are equally as exciting as His plans for mine!
I am so thankful that God opened up this awesome opportunity for us to perform in BG! I know that many were touched by God, and it is both humbling and exciting to be used by God to draw others to His kingdom! To Him be ALL the glory!!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday House

On Saturday November 14th, Light of the World Ballet Trainee Company and Ballet 6 performed at the Holiday House at Faith Heritage School in Syracuse. Because of teaching obligations, Ashley, Alyssa and Amy were unable to attend the performance, which makes this performance the first time Light of the World has performed without Ashley! Breanne became our “fearless leader” for the day though, and she did a great job directing the whole operation. We performed Basic Instructions, which is a ballet composed of three songs by Burlap to Cashmere. We had a lot of space to lay our floor and a large dressing room, which was a welcome situation after several very tight performance venues in previous weeks. We had a slight problem with the sound connections, but believe it or not we worked it out by ourselves without help from technologically handy guys.
Holiday House was buzzing with people at the time we performed, so many people stopped shopping and chatting to watch the ballet. I’m glad the Trainees finally got to dance with the Ballet 6’s—it’s always fun when there’s new faces. Everyone danced really well and the set up and tear down went very well considering the amount of dancers participating and the fact that we were sans Ashley. Afterwords I was able to mingle with several friends a hadn’t seen in a while, and I was able to get my traditional Holiday House meatball sandwich, even though it wasn’t technically on the menu this year. Overall it was a great performance, and I hope we can come back to Holiday House next year!

Blessings, Sarah

Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Of Life Assembly Of God

On Friday, November 12th, LWB company performed at Word Of Life Assembly Of God for a women's conference with Cheryl Salem speaking. Because of a tight teaching schedule that day, we had already brought the floor to the church on Wednesday and set-up the floor on Thursday. The performance was at 7pm. Ashley and I both finished teaching at 6pm so we all drove in our costumes to the church so that we could arrive, switch shoes to ballet slippers, set-up pointe shoes for quick changes, and go on stage! Thankfully we made it with a few minutes to spare! We performed “Lifesongs” and finished with “Healing Hands” in which we lead the audience in hand motions. This is such a powerful song and I love seeing the audience worship through their hand motions.

After we danced there was a time of worship and then Cheryl Salem spoke. We were going to get out of costume before joining in listening to Cheryl Salem speak. Breanne had left her black pants in the van so she and I went out into the very cold night to get them. After retrieving the pants we ran back to the church front door to find it locked! Neither of us had our phones. We tried knocking but there were double doors so no one heard us. We were wondering how long it would take before Ashley or Alyssa thought that we were kidnapped! We then decided to try and find our dressing room and see if there was a window we could knock on. Breanne and I ran halfway around the very large church till we found our window. There was an almost 5ft cement wall that Breanne jumped up onto to get to the window! She knocked and a very confused looking Alyssa came to the window. We then ran around again to the front of the church where Ashley let us in. Then we found we were locked out of another section of the church to get back to our dressing room. At least we were inside and warm! Someone from the church got a key for us and we finally made it back to the dressing room!

Cheryl Salem was such an amazing speaker! She has such an awesome testimony. We spoke with her for a while afterward. She was so encouraging! It was such a great night!

God Bless!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Summerfield Assisted Living

It was still dark when we arrived at the studio. We raced through warm up class, packed up the van and headed out at 8:30am. We found Summerfield very nice and clean. The stage was set in their dining room and the library became our dressing room. The people who worked there were very kind and accommodating. I thought the performance went rather well for it being in such a tight space. It was Elisa's turn to share her testimony and she did quite well. Some in the audience were touched by the time the crown ended. We could tell by a few tears from the audience. We finished with Healing Hands. I'm always amazed at how much the people bless me when we're supposed to be the ones blessing them. One woman was very impressed by our smiles. For a couple people, this was the first live ballet performance they'd ever seen. What a joy it is to get to bless others in this way!