Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Salvation Army Adult Home

LWB company and trainees had the privilege of performing our Christmas repertoire at the
Salvation Army adult home downtown. Trainee Abby shared her testimony with the very responsive audience, comparing the anticipation of Advent with our desire for Christ's second coming. We all enjoyed interacting with the residents and staff after the performance. It is always such a blessing to hear the stories of all the people God brings into LWB's path. Thank you to Salvation Army for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ with such wonderful people!  -Caitlyn

Monday, December 28, 2015

Grace Covenant Church

Sunday, December 13th, Light of the World Ballet Company and trainees performed at Grace Covenant Church! The congregation at Grace Covenant Church was so kind and welcoming and it was such a blessing to perform there! We danced some pieces from our Christmas Celebration repertoire. After dancing we did Healing is in His Hands, so many hands joined in on the motions!! The grace of God was truly evident and His presence so beautifully displayed. At the end we were able to talk and pray with some of the church members. Abby and I even met some ladies who were from Texas, just like her! To God be the Glory! ~Anna

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Westcott Community Center

During our month of Christmas outreaches, the Trainees and Youth Ballet had the wonderful opportunity to perform at Westcott Community Center on December 10th. We had the pleasure of performing “A Christmas Celebration” for the children at the after school program. The kids listened intently as Hannah Robinson, one of our Trainees, shared her testimony on how she found her identity in Christ. And afterwards we had a blast interacting with the kids through some dance games. It was such a blessing to partake in that time of smiles and of celebrating Christmas. ~Sophia

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Destiny Mall

Company, trainees, and youth ballet finished up their Christmas shows with a bang at the busy and packed Destiny Mall, just five days before Christmas. They performed four separate programs to the ever changing audience milling around and trainees Anna Fargarson, Brookie Rossi, Caitlyn Walker, and Hannah Robinson had the opportunity to share their testimonies throughout the day. In between performing, changing, and preparing for the next programs, the dancers had many chances to connect with people one on one and spread the light of Jesus and the joy of the season. God was certainly moving throughout the day and it is, as always, a blessing to see the fruit of that as we now prepare to celebrate His life.  ~Hannah R.

Friday, December 25, 2015


On December 6th, LWB Company and Trainees had the wonderful opportunity to bring our Christmas show to PACE CNY's adult home! The residents were thrilled to see our dancing and many of them joined us in hand motions during "Healing in His Hands." Sofia shared her testimony and afterwards, we were able to talk with and get the know some of the residents. Overall, it was a wonderful time celebrating Jesus Christ and His love for us! -Brookie Rossi

Friday, December 18, 2015

The Hearth on James

LWB Trainees and Youth Ballet performed at The Hearth on James retirement home last Saturday, December 12th. It was such a joy to dance for the folks there and being able to talk with and get to know most of those residents after the show brought even greater joy. The performance consisted of most of LWB's Christmas Repertoire, a personal salvation testimony from Trainee Hannah Wallace, and Healing is in His Hands (with audience participation!) Some of our audience members prayed for salvation and put their trust in Jesus Christ during the show. -Trainee Abby Jenkins

Saturday, December 12, 2015

"All Worship Weekend" at Believers' Chapel

Light of the World Ballet Company was asked to be a part of an "All Worship Weekend" event at Believers' Chapel. We performed "Before His Throne", which ended up fitting nicely into the time of worship. This event was the night and morning before our "Christmas Celebration" performance, and was a great way to prepare the atmosphere and our hearts for all that the Lord was going to accomplish. Though it was a busy, crazy time, what a blessing it was to be able to join Believers' Chapel (as well as all of heaven) in adoration of our King! ~Breanne  

A Christmas Celebration!

On December 6, Light of the World performed our annual Christmas Celebration at Believer's Chapel. It was a great time of worship as we celebrated all God has done for us by sending His Son in the form of a human to reconcile us to Himself. We are so thankful for all of the volunteers and gracious staff at Believer's Chapel that made this possible. What a fun night as the company, trainees, and all levels and ages of the school came together to lift high the name of Jesus! We were so blessed to have a very diverse audience with many different backgrounds represented hearing about the One God Who loves us all. We are very excited to take the tour version of this show around the city to many different places for outreach in the coming weeks! :) -Jamie

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salvation Army

   On December 3rd, LWB Company and Trainees had the privilege of performing for a Salvation Army location. The place was beautifully decorated for Christmas, so it made it all the more fun getting to perform "A Christmas Celebration" in such a festive setting! There was a good turnout of both men and women there, and the Lord worked in really powerful ways. It was awe inspiring to watch God softening the audience's hearts as they became more and more open to what we were sharing as the performance went on. There was such a great response when trainee Crisanna Bechtold shared her testimony and when Miss Ashley shared the salvation message. As several of the other trainees and I listened to the audience respond to God's love, we couldn't help from smiling, laughing, and thanking God for this ministry He has given us. He is so good and faithful! -Hannah Wallace

Friday, December 4, 2015

IFE SU Luncheon

The company and trainees had the privilege of performing on SU campus for the IFE luncheon. The IFE luncheon provided amazing meals for the SU students and while they were enjoying their meal we performed part of the LWB Christmas show for them. It was amazing to be able to see how hospitality impacted the students and showed them the love that Christ has for them. So thankful that we got to be a part of that! -Crisanna