Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harvest Assembly of God

On Sunday, April 8th we performed The Crown for Harvest Assembly in Chesapeake Virginia. This is Amy Parker’s home town and church. This was also her first time performing after her injury! We performed for all three of their Sunday services. The last was a household service where the whole family is together. It was at this last performance that the company also did Life Songs and at the end we were able to teach the kids a few dance moves. They had so much fun running, leaping, and dancing on our special floor. Miss Ashley gave a simple message about the chasm between us and God and how we need Jesus to get to God for each service. There were several people that raised their hands to say they received Jesus into their hearts! The people of this church were so kind. One man gave us encouraging words about how God was pleased with what we were doing. We were so blessed to be able to perform at Harvest Assembly.


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hope Network

On Wednesday we got the opportunity to perform for the Hope Network, a ministry that is run out of Northside Baptist Church that offers support for the parents of children with special needs. That day the Hope Network was having a day that was something like a spa day where moms could get massages, facials, manicures/pedicures, coffee, delicious food, etc. in addition to receiving encouragement.

Our plan after taking class that morning was to head to the church in the ministry van, set up the floor, and perform the dances Alive, Praise You in This Storm, and Hail to the King. But from the beginning, things went a little differently. Not badly, just differently :) Poor Oliver (the name of our van) ended up not being able to start, even with help from jumper cables, and so we loaded up the floor in 3 other cars and headed over to the church. Once we got there, we realized that there wasn't time to set up our floor, which ended up being fine because the space was a little small and slightly funny-shaped. To top it all off, we ended up changing plans at the last second, and ended up not doing Alive, and instead leading the women in doing arm movements to the song Healing Hands at the end. What a response! The Lord really used all those songs and many women came up to us afterward saying how amazing it was; I think they were really touched by the Lord! I can really see how the Lord is using this ministry to encourage these precious women....and I was blessed to be a part of it!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hutchings Psychiatric Center

Light of the World had the opportunity to perform for the patients of Hutchings Psychiatric Center. We opened with Alive, followed by The Crown, and finished with getting them involved during Healing is in His Hands. It was so exciting to perform in such a beautiful facility, complete with a stage and even dressing rooms! This performance hit a little close to home for me; mental illness is something several of my immediate and distant family members struggle with, and at first, it was a bit difficult for me to go to back a psychiatric center, this time in a ministry setting. However, I discovered what a blessing it was to have the chance to reach these people in a way that I cannot with some of my own family at the moment. I found myself close to tears as I watched the patients participate in Healing is in His Hands, knowing how far some of them must have come to be able to participate. Several of the patients approached us afterwards to tell us how the performance had touched them; I am praying that God uses the seeds planted to draw them into a relationship with Him. I hope we are able to have more opportunities to minister to people struggling with this kind of illness; I have seen how desperately they need to hear the good news about Jesus, and I am praying they are open to receiving it.

Winds of Agape

On Monday, March 12, we performed The Crown at Winds of Agape, an awesome organization that is doing great things in and for the community. The performance went well, but we were very sad that Amy was unable to dance with us due to her injury. Karissa shared her testimony about the forgiveness that we can give others when we have received the amazing forgiveness that Jesus gave us and I think that it really touched the hearts of the people there. There was a lady in the audience who had been in a car accident and suffered some brain injuries who was such a blessing to me. She was so joyful and filled with love for everyone around her and it really made me want to be more joyful and loving toward those I am around. They blessed us afterward with a gift of earrings for each of us and they are so pretty. It was an awesome time of ministry and we were so blessed by everyone there. All glory and praise goes to Jesus!