Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Elim Bible Institute

On Wednesday, May 22nd, we performed for the Embrace Leadership Conference at Elim Bible Institute in Rochester, NY. The drive was lovely and we had two friends that were able to join us on our adventure. Upon arrival we marked through Song of the Ages. They had some really neat lighting effects on stage. They had two raised platforms that were lit underneath, and some silhouette effects as well. The conference began with a time of worship. A short time later they took an offering and we performed Song of the Ages (Kadosh). It was so easy to just fall right into worshipping the Lord through dance because his presence was already so “thick” in the room.  After we danced, we were able to stay and listen to their evening speaker. It was a wonderful evening. I was so blessed by the worship and it was such a joy to be used by the Lord to bring encouragement through dance.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Hope Network

On Friday May 24 LWB performed You Are Special for the Hope Network at Northside Baptist Church. The Hope Network is a support ministry for individuals with special needs, and their families and friends. It was so much fun getting to interact with such sweet people :) You Are Special is always a fun ballet to do because it involves a lot of acting, so it comes out slightly different every time! Northside church is the church that a few of us, myself included, attend; it was fun getting to perform there, and especially nice that one of the pastors who leads our small group was able to come as well. We always have a blast performing for and spending time with the Hope Network group! To God be all the glory! Love - Ashley Kate

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunnyside Care Center

On Tuesday, May 14th Light of the World Ballet Trainee Company and Youth Ballet performed for Sunnyside Care Center. The trainees performed pieces they choreographed themselves. Kristie shared her testimony. The atmosphere was happier and there were some good conversations with the residents afterward. ~Krystalan

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mexico Studio Demonstration

Mexico Studio Demonstration, Tuesday, May 14, was a blast. We had fun driving to and from the performance laughing a lot. We listened to the music and thought through choreography for the spring performance "Follow the North Star" - mark your calendars June 6 & 7 :). The performance went well. All of the students did such an awesome, beautiful job! We are so thankful for everyone who has helped make the Mexico satellite possible. Also, we are thankful to all of the parents, family, and friends who have invested in these kids' lives and came to see what they've been learning. Worshiping the Lord through dance is such a blessing! After all of the students performed their dances, I shared my testimony and then the trainees performed. As a part of the trainee's 2nd year they have a choreography project, so we presented 2 of their dances at the end. It was great getting to meet new people and talk to them after. Hope you to see you back next session :) Blessings ~ Rachel

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Camillus Ridge Terrace

On Thursday May 2nd, LWB trainees and youth ballet performed for some very sweet people at Camillus Ridge. Trainees performed some pieces from our choreography project for the first time and it went pretty well! The space was tight and took a little bit of negotiating, but it turned out alright :) The residents were incredibly sweet and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was such a blessing to perform for and visit with them! All the glory to God! Love, Ashley

Friday, May 10, 2013

Oswego Stands with Israel

On May 8th we had the privilege of joining Port City Faith Assembly of God in Oswego for an evening of prayer and worship for Israel. It was really interesting to hear about how Oswego took in Jewish refugees after WWII. All those present were able to sign a petition stating that Oswego still stands with Israel. Author, speaker, and singer Robert Sterns blessed us with some stories and songs about Israel. It was a great experience to dance to one of Robert Sterns’ songs, “Song of the Ages” while he was present. Overall, the evening was a great reminder to continue to pray for the peace of Israel.

Word of Life Women's Ministry

On May 6, LWB Company and trainees performed at Word of Life Church for a girl’s night out women’s event. It’s always a great joy performing at Word of Life. Everyone is so welcoming and hospitable to us. We performed Ana’s Battle and were so excited to get to use a live baby in the beginning of the ballet. After we finished performing, we were able to listen to a great message on going through rough desert times in our lives. We were very encouraged by the message and enjoyed getting to spend the evening with these wonderful women of God. We eagerly look forward to our next performance at Word of Life! Blessings, Kristie

Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer On May 2nd, Light of the World Ballet Company performed at the steps of the courthouse as part of the National Day of Prayer. We danced as we interceded to the song “We Cry Out”, a song about praying for our nation. We are praying, along with many others in Syracuse and across the country, that our nation will turn back to relationship with and dependence on God. Some of the company and the trainees also participated in a human video (drama) about ways that Christians have held back from speaking out about injustice. In the end, the Christians finally speak out and find freedom to praise God, and in that way are a far greater light to the world around them. We will continue to pray for Syracuse as well as the US, and greatly anticipate all that God has in store.

Cortland Christian School

Cortland Christian School On April 17th, Light of the World Trainees and Company performed Ana’s Battle at Cortland Christian School. The school was very welcoming, and the students were very appreciative. We had some challenges with the space; we used both the floor and the stage to dance on, but shortly into the ballet, our marley floor start to slide and bunch up! Sometimes the tape holding the marley down doesn’t stick well to all surfaces, and this was one of those occasions. At one point in the ballet, Breanne, Miss Ashley and I are interacting on the side, and I hear Miss Ashley whisper, “I am going to try to fix the floor”. Sure enough, I shortly feel tugging at my feet, and try to step carefully as the floor is straightened out beneath me. Just a snapshot into all that happens on stage at times :) We are looking forward to future opportunities with Cortland Christian School and other Christian school that are working so hard to raise the next generation to know God.

Girl's Detention Center

Girl’s Detention Center On Sunday, April 28th we headed north to perform at a girl’s detention center. As we approached the facility, it reminded us very much of a prison, complete with high fences and barbed wire. From the outside it looked somewhat intimidating, however, the guards were very kind and the fact that it was a nice, warm, sunny day made it seem a bit less menacing. We set up our floor in a very nice gym. Ana’s Battle was presented twice to two separate units. The units were not very large. The first consisted of only a handful of girls, but they were very attentive and receptive to the message. I had the privilege of sharing my testimony to this first group. The second unit had probably twice as many girls as the first unit. This performance was also very well received. Ashley Kate shred her testimony and Miss Ashley shared the Gospel after both performances. After each performance there was definitely a change in the girls’ faces and the general atmosphere. The Lord really brought light into that place and many of them said the salvation prayer. The guards here were very nice and even participated in Healing is in His Hands. It was clear that they really wanted to help these girls get their lives on a better path. I pray there were genuine salvations and that the Lord will continue to work in their hearts drawing them closer to himself. Blessings, Abi