Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mexico Studio Demonstration

Mexico Studio Demonstration, Tuesday, May 14, was a blast. We had fun driving to and from the performance laughing a lot. We listened to the music and thought through choreography for the spring performance "Follow the North Star" - mark your calendars June 6 & 7 :). The performance went well. All of the students did such an awesome, beautiful job! We are so thankful for everyone who has helped make the Mexico satellite possible. Also, we are thankful to all of the parents, family, and friends who have invested in these kids' lives and came to see what they've been learning. Worshiping the Lord through dance is such a blessing! After all of the students performed their dances, I shared my testimony and then the trainees performed. As a part of the trainee's 2nd year they have a choreography project, so we presented 2 of their dances at the end. It was great getting to meet new people and talk to them after. Hope you to see you back next session :) Blessings ~ Rachel

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