Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faith Heritage Holiday House

On November 10th, both Light of the World Trainees and Light of the World Youth Ballet had the privilege of performing at Faith Heritage Christian School for the Holiday House fundraiser. As we entered the gymnasium we were cheerfully greeted by several children and parents. I enjoyed the conversations that I had with some of the parents and also the principle of the school. We performed pieces such as Born for this, Alive, God is in Control, and Savior’s Day. The Lord really blessed all of us with His presence as we concluded with Healing is in His Hands. May the Lord continue to use Faith Heritage Christian School for His great purposes. -Karissa

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CYO Refugee Children

On November 12th, Light of the World Company, Trainee’s, and Youth Ballet had the privilege of performing for the children at the CYO Refugee center. CYO is a refugee resettlement program, which provides a secure, supportive environment for children and teens. It was such a blessing to perform our Christmas repertoire for these sweet children. At the end we were able to interact with the children by showing them how to do different ballet steps. We also played a few games with them. Miss Ashley would play fun music and we would all jump and dance around. Then when she stopped the music, we would have to freeze and be as still as possible. Then we switched it around to when the music was off, we jumped and danced around and when the music was on, we stopped and froze. We even added in slow motion movements and fast sprints from one side of the stage to the other. Needless to say, we all enjoyed spending time with these children. The Lord opened the door for us to connect with these kids. We are look forward to performing for them again in the future! God bless! -Kristie

CYO Refugee Young Women's Group

On Tuesday, November 13th Light of the World Ballet and Youth Ballet performed Christmas for CYO refugee teen girls. The Youth Ballet also did a demonstration showing what a ballet class is like. We were able to do “Healing is in His Hands”, teach them some ballet moves, and talk with them afterwards. One girl who never speaks at these meetings, spoke when asked where she was from! They were such a diverse group. It was fun getting to know them a little. ~Krystalan

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

India Vision Center Fundraiser

On November 3rd, the company had the opportunity to perform for a fundraiser for the ministry to "orphans" begun by Pastor Abraham. It was refreshing and encouraging to hear about the vision for this center, and what God has been doing in the lives of each of these kids! The center used to be called an orphanage, however, it has been changed to "Vision Center". The children are not referred to as orphans because they have a Father in heaven who loves them dearly and has a mission and purpose for their lives. At the Vision Center, the mission is to find the gifts and callings for each of the children and begin to train them in their giftings. Light of the World Ballet had the pleasure to minister at this center in India several years ago, so it is especially dear to our hearts. It was a privilege to be able to perform "Mother India" at the fundraiser. I felt that the dance fit well with the evening. It was so fun to be able to experience an evening in India without having to leave Syracuse! We even got to finish the night off with some absolutely delicious Indian food! The perfect finish to an awesome night! I pray that God abundantly blesses the India Vision Center, and provides for all the needs that they have to be able to effectively train up these precious children!! ~Breanne

Healing Rooms Conference

November 2, 2012 The company performed Song of the Ages (Kadosh) for the evening session of the Healing Rooms conference. The song is in Hebrew and speaks of how holy the Lord is. It was a powerful performance and the Spirit of the Lord was strong in the meeting. The space was a little challenging with half of the floor carpet and half slippery wood, but despite the external circumstances, the Lord used it for His glory! I am humbled and thankful to be used by God to help usher in His presence and encourage fellow believers in their walk with God. To Him be all the glory! Alyssa

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Light of the World First Session Studio Demonstration

Last Tuesday, October 30, LWB Company and Trainees performed at our home studio for the demonstration performance. Some of the younger school levels also performed some dances to showcase what they have been learning in classes. They all did wonderful and were absolutely adorable! I shared my testimony with the parents and families that came to see their daughters dance and am reminded again that personal testimony is one of the believer's greatest tools. The Lord moved mightily as we performed Song of the Ages, a song in the Hebrew language about the holiness of God. I believe that He broke through many barriers and strongholds as we worshiped Him for His glory. God bless you! Love, Ashley

Eagles Wings Academy

On October 26th, we went to Eagle’s Winds Academy to dance for the kids there. It was our first performance of the year and it was very exciting! This was our third time dancing at Eagle’s Wings. It’s a very special place. These kids are learning so much, but most importantly, they are learning about the transforming love of Christ! We performed Living Hope and I shared my testimony. At the end we did Healing is in His Hands and taught the kids some dance steps. There were several boys who did not want to try any of the steps, so Miss. Ashley had them doing push-ups. We would demonstrate a few movements or positions and then check up on the boys and see how they were doing with their push-ups! After a while they got tired and eventually joined us! It was quite hilarious! Towards the end we were also praying for the Lords financial provision for the school. They are in a tight position, but they are trusting the Lord and remaining faithful in their call to teach these boys and girls the difference Jesus can make in a life. We pray that the Lord will provide for their needs financially and that the children will learn to love the Lord and walk in obedience to Him! Blessings! Abi