Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Syracuse Women's Jail

On March 19, 2013 Light of the World Company and trainees performed for the women’s department of the Syracuse City Jail. It was Light of the World’s third time performing at the Jail here in Syracuse. We performed Ana’s Battle for about forty-five women. All of the women were very attentive and seemed to really enjoy the performance. There were many times when we saw them crying during the performance. After performing we did “Healing is in His Hands” with them. Miss Ashley presented the Gospel to them and gave them the opportunity to pray for salvation or to rededicate their lives to the Lord. We saw at least ten women raise their hands showing that they had prayed the prayer for salvation. We also gave them all a beginner’s bible booklet containing the gospel of John. We had a great time performing for the women at the Syracuse City Jail and we were so grateful for the welcomeness we experienced while we were there. We are looking forward to many more performances in the future! -Kristie

Friday, March 15, 2013

Studio Session Demonstration

On Tuesday March 5th, the Light of the World Ballet trainees and company performed for part of our studio demonstration at the Light of the World Ballet School. After six weeks of classes, our students in our studio discipline track had the opportunity to show what they have learned. It was a joy to watch our young students perform. I was so proud of them! The trainees performed “Alive”, and Kristie shared her testimony. The company followed with “Praise You in This Storm” and “Lifesong.” Many of the parents and family members in our audience were moved and encouraged by these dances, and I was excited to hear some of our students express an intention to return for more classes at Light of the World. I was blessed to see the encouragement and support shown by the parents and family members for our young students. We even had one audience member joining us through FaceTime from her hospital room! Thank you to all the parents for letting us spend time with your daughters. They have done well! ~~Blessings, Rebecca

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Serve Syracuse Outreach

On Friday, March 8th, Light of the World Ballet company, trainees, and youth ballet partnered with Missio Church as well as a group of college students from Florida, who were here on their spring break, to minister to the city of Syracuse. We were split into about 6 teams, were given some money, bus passes, and Cafe Kubal gift certificates, and sent out to do random acts of kindness for people as we would pray for them, try to share the Gospel, and shine the light of Jesus in the city. We were able to make the day a lot brighter for many people, and we saw many people smile who looked as if they were having an otherwise rough day. It was a good day of outreach and ministry to Syracuse - all the glory to the Lord! Love, Ashley

Hutchings Psychiatric Center

On March 13th Light of the World Company and Trainee performed Ana’s Battle at Hutchings Psychiatric Center. This was the first time that we brought Ana’s Battle into a non-Christian environment. Before, during, and after there was a lot of prayer concerning spiritual battles in that auditorium. We had the privilege of dancing on stage with some of the patients for their dance therapy program. The audience was attentive, lively, and encouraging as they clapped and shouted during the performance. It was an extra blessing to see all of them joining us for Healing is in Your Hands. It has been a joy for us to perform for a second time at Hutchings Psychiatric Center, and we look forward to more in the future. Karissa

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Abundant Life Christian Fellowship

Sunday, March 3, we had the privilege of performing at the Lowville High School auditorium for Abundant Life Christian Fellowship and some other congregations from the Lowville community. We performed Ana’s Battle and did Healing in His Hands. After the performance, we had the opportunity to talk and pray with people. We also were able to interact with some of the kids and teach them dance steps. While we were out in the audience talking with people, a bunch of the kids took over the stage. They had the best time running around, playing and dancing on the stage. This one group of little girls kept coming up to a few of us and asking us to dance with them. It was such a joy to talk with them and see the joy of the Lord come upon them! We had several people encourage us after the performance. So thankful for a wonderful night of ministry in Lowville! -Rachel

Monday, March 11, 2013

Faith Heritage School

On Wednesday, March 6th, we had the opportunity to dance at Faith Heritage School. We have performed there on several other occasions but this time we were able to present our newest ballet Ana’s Battle. This was a special program because we had a live baby to represent Ana instead of using a prop doll. The little one we had was SO precious! We were able to set up our floor the previous day, which was a huge blessing! It allowed us some extra time when we got there Wednesday morning and that is always very helpful! Another blessing was that we had some extra help striking after we danced. The performance went very well and the kids were very receptive. Time did not allow for a testimony to be shared, but we pray that the story and message will remain with the kids for many years to come.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Napali Outreach

March 9th, 2013 We partnered with Missio Church and the Napali congregation here in Syracuse to do an outreach event for the community. The outreach consisted of songs and dances in Napali, a evangelistic message and food. The company performed Alive after the message was given. A group of college students came up from Florida to do mission work in Syracuse while on spring break and they were a big part of the outreach event. They worked with the Napali people in the morning to invite people in the neighborhood to come to the church later that afternoon for the even. It was great to be apart of an event that was focused on reaching those from other nations who have come to the US. We were blessed to have partnered with Missio and the Napali church! Alyssa

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Haven Public School

On Thursday, February 28th we performed You Are Special for New Haven Public Elementary School. They were an attentive and interactive audience, clapping along with one of the dances and laughing at the funny parts. One of the best sounds in the world is hearing kid’s laugh at You Are Special. It was so exciting to perform a Christian ballet in a public setting. Praise God for an awesome opportunity!

Monday, March 4, 2013

One Voice Night of Worship

On February 16th, Light of the World Ballet Company joined with One Voice, a local worship band for an evening of worship. We performed Lifesongs, our ballet set to Casting Crowns music, as well as Kadosh, a Hebrew song about God's holiness. It was awesome to worship together with the Christians in that area! It was clear that the desire of those involved was to focus was on Jesus, and the Lord's presence was so powerful. We enjoyed getting to know the band a bit, and see their heart for worship. God bless! ~Cayla

Mexico Studio Demonstration

On February 26th, LWB Company and Trainees went to Believers Chapel Mexico for a studio demonstration. LWB has been using Believers Chapel’s building as a satellite location to teach classes in that area. It was such a treat to watch the students perform for their family and friends in the audience. They all did very well and had joyful expressions on their faces as they danced. It was really neat to see not only children and teenagers dance, but we had a couple adult mothers dancing as well! LWB welcomes students of all ages to take classes in their next session starting in April. The Trainees performed “Alive” and the Company performed “Praise You in the Storm” and “Hallelujah”. It was a fun and enjoyable evening. Blessings, Kristie