Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catholic Youth Organization

On February 24th we danced at the CYO. They help refugees from other countries start to “find their feet” here in America. They also offer programs for their children that aid them in becoming integrated into the culture.

Laying our floor in a second story gym, we performed The Crown for around forty-five to fifty kids. They were all so very attentive. At the end we did Healing is in His Hands and everyone joined in quite enthusiastically. This was a slightly different performance for several reasons. First, it was not permissible for us to share a testimony and second, our dear Amy was injured and not able to dance with us. We also had to work around two pillars, which made set-up a bit tricky. But through these challenges, the Lord still touched hearts. After the performance, we broke the kids into groups and taught them some ballet steps. It was very exciting to watch them try the different movements that were definitely stretching for some of them. It was fun to learn their names and hear about the different countries they came from. These children don’t have much. Many of them were wearing flip-flops, but there was a joy in their eyes that I pray will never die away. They blessed my heart and the Lord taught me that maintaining a spirit of joy is possible even through difficult circumstances.