Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Civic Center

On Saturday, May 15 we again danced at the Civic Center for the Syracuse Contemporary Dance Company's performance. We performed Praise You In This Storm and Lifesong. It went better than the night before. The floor didn't seem quite as slippery and I think we were better prepared for it. Once again God protected us!

It was exciting to dance right in the middle of Downtown Syracuse. A good opportunity to pray and dance over the city. The other performers were very encouraging to us. It was fun being apart of such a lively and energetic group! It was also encouraging that this year the performance was concluded with a Gospel Choir. Amazing that this secular event was concluded in this way. We will continue to pray that the name of Jesus will continue to be lifted up in these events.

God Bless!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Civic Center

Friday May 14, 2010
Civic Center, Syracuse, NY

We performed Praise You in This Storm and Lifesongs at the Civic Center as part of the Syracuse Contemporary Dance Company's concert. It went well, we had been on the stage the night before for a tech run and the floor was slippery, so we knew a little of what to expect. I think we were the only group to dance on pointe. Overall it went good and no one slipped too bad or fell down! :) We were very well received by the other dancers and they were so encouraging to us.

It was our prayer that we could be a light to those around us and that the Lord would really speak through the words of the songs to touch people. It was really neat to be able to dance to Christian songs in a secular setting and be well received.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hope Network- Northside Baptist

Mother's Day Event
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 12:30

This event for the Hope Network was for the mom's of kids with disabilities. Northside had the room beautifully set up with vibrant colors! We had a nice spacious stage. The floor had to be kicked out in socks because our shoes were muddy. A tiny problem with the costumes popped up... but due to Mrs. Rollinson's kindness, it was soon solved! There was a good 45 minutes before we we relaxed :)... sat in our dressing room (a closet right off the stage). We performed Alive and Lifesongs. The dancing went well. Afterwards there were allot of leftovers and they generously gave some to us! Very yummy!! Delicious catered subs and amazing cupcakes!

I pray that this performance was an encouraging and refreshing time for all the mother's present!

-Rachel Meis <><

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home school Co-op

On Monday we had the opportunity to perform for a home school co-op. It was an extra special performance since we last minute decided to add Taylor, Emily, and Sarah into one of the dances. I wasn't sure how it would go since we only rehearsed the dance together twice, but everyone did so well! Rachel shared her testimony and, from what I could hear, she did a great job. Her testimony really fits with high school kids who are unsure about their plans for the future. Wasn't that all of us at some point?...haha and even some of us now :-) It's so awesome that our God has a perfect plan and all that we need to do is walk faithfully in it! It was a fun time of performing for the kids and getting to talk to a few of them afterwords. Praise God for the opportunity to be used for His glory!

~Breanne W :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Community Wesleyan Church

On Saturday, May 8, Light Of The World Ballet performed for a mother/daughter banquet at Community Wesleyan Church. We had class in the morning as usual and then went to the church to set up at 12:30. The set up was pretty easy. It was a nice, kind of small, stage. We performed Alive, Mother India, and Lifesongs. I shared my testimony at the end. Everything went well. A slight problem with the hanging microphones and the Mother India fabric but not bad! It had been a while since performing our full program so stamina was a challenge. Once again though, God brought us through it. Afterward we taught some of the little girls some ballet steps. They were so cute in their fancy dresses! We were then invited to stay for the lunch but unfortunately had to leave because of our tight schedule. They sent us with some little sandwiches and cookies to go which was really nice of them! It was another neat performance opportunity.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Westcott Community Center

Westcott Community Center
April 30, 2010

We performed You Are Special at the Westcott Community Center. It was our last You Are Special performance for the year. We performed in their dance room that actually had mirrors on the walls! That was different! :) It went well; the kids were a very responsive audience and they really got into the story and were laughing a lot. When Amy pulls out her fake money and Ashley goes crazy trying to pick it up the kids were all asking themselves if it was real money! We had the kids come up and try some ballet steps at the end and they enjoyed that so much. Even a few adults came up to try! It was so neat to be able to sow good seeds into these kids' lives. So much of what the world is telling them is how much they are unloved and of little value but to God they are precious and so special!



Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arise is an organization that helps people who are mentally challenged. This was Amy's booking :). Good job Amy!

They had a nice space... everyone was so excited about our being there! We performed 'You Are Special'. Very appropriate... So many times the world sees these people differently, but God sees them as unique and special! Because Arise is government funded we were not able say God and Jesus. I pray the Lord spoke right to each one of the people watching! After the performance- the demonstration- was quite funny! The people LOVED it! We had on man, "Butch", and he loved putting people in order and in line. He loved being in charge!!! One lady, as I was showing her 2nd position of the arms, she reached over and started tickling me... haha!!! She had a thing for tickling people. She got Breanne and Ashley also! There were so many stories!
They provided refreshments which was so nice for mingling with the people afterwards. One of the neatest parts was the 'jumping over the star' and seeing the people in wheelchairs being pushed over the star... they all had a blast!
The Lord indeed has made these people so Special!!!

-Rachel Meis <><

Monday, May 3, 2010

Panco Community Church

The last performance of our trip was a second stop at Panco. This time there were quite a few youth-age kids in the audience as well as the pastor of the church (who had been gone during our last performance).
We arrived at Panco after driving around 8 hours from Memphis, and quickly stopping by my family's house to change and grab something to eat. Set up went well. After a whole tour, we finally found a trick to getting our marley perfectly centered on the floor (or, rather, Ashley discovered the trick :-).
We spent time warming up our bodies and stretching them out. I believe most of us were feeling tired and stiff, but God is so faithful and our bodies held up just fine for the performance. Between ballets Alyssa shared her testimony, which I'm sure was wonderful :-) We were feeling led to do something different for our last dance, and decided to improv to the song "Our God Reigns". We then led the audience in arm movements to "Let it Rain". Quite a few of the kids came up to try some dance moves.
After performing we spent time talking and praying with individuals. Mr Rollinson prayed with a young man and his mother. Both of them were filled with and touched by the Holy Spirit. This performance and the ministry that happened there were such an awesome ending to our tour. It was so wonderful to see God's presence rain down on KY. Please pray that God would continue to pour out His spirit and water this thirsty land!
"The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water" Isaiah 35:7a
~Breanne :-)