Friday, April 29, 2016

Determination Center

Light of the World had such a fun time at the Determination Center downtown last Wednesday! It was a great after-school program where the kids were obviously instilled with a sense of respect and value for others and themselves, so it was exciting to build on that foundation and share the personal love God has for each of us individually! We performed several trainee pieces, "Before His Throne", and Mother India. Hannah Robinson shared her story of finding acceptance and freedom in Jesus, and Hannah Wallace shared hers about experiencing God's forgiveness through Jesus and learning to extend it to others. It was a powerful time and the kids really stayed engaged, connecting with the message of God's love. Ms. Ashley led a prayer for them that really seemed to touch their hearts. After the program, we taught the kids some dance steps and were really impressed by their creative jumps! 😊 🏃 It was so fun dancing around with them, we could have stayed all evening. I'm really glad we got to go and connect with the children in our community, all in Jesus' name! -Jamie

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hearth at Greenpoint

On Sunday, April 10th, LWB trainees and youth ballet performed at the Hearth at Greenpoint. The youth ballet gave a beautiful, moving performance of Mother India, one of LWB's first ballets ever choreographed. The trainees, in addition to performing "Before the Throne," had the opportunity to perform some of their own choreography...Caitlyn's piece, "All That Was Lost," and Jamie's piece, "Hallelujah! God be Praised." We were able to visit with the sweet older men and women there afterward, as well as have them join us with arm movements to a song. We were so blessed by the performance and the kindness of the staff and the people there. Jesus continues to touch hearts and change lives! Hannah W.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christian Dance Fellowship's 22nd Regional Dance Conference

One week ago, the Company had the opportunity to perform at Christian Dance Fellowship's 22nd Regional Dance Conference. We arrived and were able to catch some of the other dance presentations that happened before us. What a blessing and inspiration it is to see other dancers who just want to glorify the Lord with their gift!! There was such a sweet atmosphere of worship and unity there. We set up and laid the floor as quickly as possible, during the lunch break, then presented the 5 person version of "The Crown". Though it had been a busy week and we were all feeling a bit worn out, I felt so refreshed after worshiping and spending time with the other dancers. It's so beautiful to experience the love and unity of the body of Christ, as different parts of the body minister to each other and build each other up. ~Breanne

Saturday, April 16, 2016

St. Luke Adult Services

Company and trainees were able to travel out to Oswego this snowy April 8th, to perform the ballet Living Hope for St. Luke's Adult Care. Having performed earlier that day for a school, we were very warmed up and ready to go. It was such an interesting contrast to have. Between performing the same ballet for the kids and then for these wonderful adults, and watching it impact both groups in so many ways. After the performance, we led the viewers in a series of hand motions, and some of us were able to go out to the audience and help them along. We then finished and said goodbye by hugging each and every one of those lovely people, a true privilege. Being able to impact and be impacted by all of those present and hear their stories was truly one of the many blessings of that day! ~Hannah R.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Central Park Rehab

On April 5th, the Trainee company and LWYB had the exciting opportunity to perform at the Central Park Rehab center. Everyone waited excitedly as we set up! The trainees performed two pieces. One was choreographed by Anna and the other by Hannah Wallace, while the Youth Ballet performed Mother India. Sophia and Abby shared their testimonies with the group, and after our presentation, the audience joined us in hand motions declaring, "I am victorious. I'm an over comer.  I am more than a conqueror!". We shared hugs with each of them before leaving. The Lord's presence was strongly felt there that day, and I can't wait to return! -Brookie

Thursday, April 14, 2016

RIOT Youth

Wednesday, March 30th, LWB company and trainees performed for the Faith Chapel Youth Group, RIOT youth! This was our first time this year performing the ballet, Living Hope! This performance presented some challenges, Company member, Alyssa was feeling a bit under the weather and Cayla and Breanne had to rush from teaching classes at the school and made it in the nick of time! But God is faithful and works out all the little details! We had a few technical difficulties...such as a table flipping over on stage, which was quite serious and quite hysterical all at the same time. Over all the performance went well and it was such an honor to be able to share the story of Living Hope with the youth! After the performance we got the chance to pray for the members of the youth group and Miss Ashley shared some words or encouragement with them! To God be the Glory! ~Anna

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hutchings Psychiatric Center

Here at LWB we have entered into our busy Spring Performance Season. Last week, we performed at Hutchings Psychiatric Center. We really enjoyed performing for our audience there. The performance was part of an art therapy program at Hutchings. We pray that they were encouraged by our performance of The Crown just as we were encouraged by their enthusiastic appreciation and participation. The patients that made up the audience showed a lot of enthusiasm as they connected with different characters in the ballet. After performing, we invited audience members to come on stage and join us in dancing. We taught them the basic ballet positions and then had some time for dancing freely.  It was so much fun to meet them and dance alongside them. We look forward to our next visit and performance :) --Abby

Monday, April 11, 2016

CYO Refugee Center

On Thursday, March 24th, the Company and Trainees had the opportunity to perform The Crown at the CYO refugee center. It was such a pleasure to see all of the refugees filing in and to hear all of the different, unique languages being spoken. My favorite moment was when Crisanna, one of our trainees, shared her testimony with an interpreter translating in Burmese. The feeling in the atmosphere was very joyful as the children, and even the adults, participated in learning ballet steps and jumps. It is always a wonderful time dancing at CYO and I look forward to our next visit! ~Sophia

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hispanic Women's Retreat

This past weekend, LWB had the opportunity to perform for the Hispanic Women's Retreat, held at the picturesque Lake Champion camp. Over 400 ladies attended the retreat, representing nearly every Spanish-speaking country in the world. We danced The Crown, translated into Spanish, along with Hosanna and Spirit Break Out. Jamie gave her testimony and was able to share parts of it in Spanish as well. Afterwards, when Miss Ashley shared the gospel message, several ladies raised their hands to receive Christ. Throughout the weekend, we had the blessing of meeting many sweet people who were incredibly supportive of LWB's ministry. We are so thankful to have been a part of God's work at the retreat, and are excited to see how He continues to work through these precious ladies. -Caitlyn

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day of Joy Women's Conference

Saturday April 2nd, 2016

The Company had the opportunity to dance at the 'Day of Joy' women's conference held at Believer's Chapel Cicero. There were several hundred ladies in attendance being built up and encouraged by the Lord and by one another. We performed 'Spirit Break Out' and led the women in arm motions at the end of song.
 It was awesome to see the ladies joining in with us in movement declaring that the Spirit will break out in their lives and their families lives!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Faith Heritage School

On March 23rd, LWB company and trainees performed The Crown at Faith Heritage School. It was such a fun morning with the kids who attended! They seemed to thoroughly enjoy all the humorous parts of the story ballet--as did the dancers, who laughed quite a bit backstage at several unplanned occurrences that happened while they were dancing. After Miss Ashley gave the salvation message, about 15 students raised their hands to accept Christ in their lives. We were able to talk to the kids for a few minutes before they headed back to class, and it was great to hear their stories and spend time with them. We loved the atmosphere of joy--as always, it was a blessing to be there!
Hannah W.