Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Northside Learning Center

We had the chance to give two performances of The Crown at the Northside Learning Center, a refugee center. The basement, where we were to perform, proved to be a bit of a challenge to perform in because of the support beams that were positioned throughout the room, but we were able to set up the stage so that none would block the view. The first performance was quite crowded, with about 30-40 students and teachers watching, and the second had about 20 people in the audience. They were very responsive and seemed to get quite a grasp on the story, even though some in the second class were just starting to learn English and the story is narrated. I am so grateful that dance is a universal language, and even when we can't speak to the audience in their language, we can use dance to share the Gospel message. Some of the teachers shared with us afterward that some of the students there were illiterate even in their own language, and that they saw how dance could be used to bridge the language barrier. I really enjoyed being at a refugee center with a mix of cultures and people especially after being on an international trip. I look forward to more chances like it! God bless!
~Cayla <3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christian Community Church

Easter Sunday April 24, 2011

The Company performed for the Easter service at the Christian Community Church in Central Square. The church was thrilled to have us and was very welcoming. We performed ‘Only One’ and ‘Life of Praise’. The church was small but it had a very relaxed and family atmosphere. They really have a passion for reaching their community for the Lord. Some people that had been invited to the service raised their hands to receive Christ! It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in the hearts of His people all over and we were privileged to be a part of it.

Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is risen!!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cathedral of Pompei

Light of the World Ballet performed at the Cathedral of Pompei School last Thursday. The school has a great stage with wings and lights, which was exciting; it’s not too often that we get to have such a nice space. The school reaches out to a lot of kids from other countries—I’m assuming some of them were refugee children. It was fun to interact with them afterward; many of them were originally from African countries like Sudan, Egypt, and Congo. They were a very attentive audience, even though many of them were seven or younger. We were able to show them some ballet steps after the performance, which is always fun. The kids love when we teach them to run and jump over the bucket in the center of the stage! We had some great dancers at this performance—I don’t think anyone fell!
It was cute to see how many of them were interested in the brochures for the summer dance camps at LWB. They seemed really excited to learn more ballet! I hope some of them can actually come and learn about Jesus’ love for them. I am praying that we made an impact on them by using something they enjoy doing, like dance, to communicate the world’s most important and exciting message. To God be the glory!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

West Side Learning Center Benefit

Last night the company performed at the Palace Theater for a benefit for the West Side Learning Center. The theater was decorated beautifully and it was a very fun and elegant atmosphere. The men were in suits and the ladies in fancy dresses. To start the evening, the director of the program spoke and then we followed as the opening performing group. We performed Alive, Mother India, and La Montana. It was a very international performance, which was perfect for the very international audience! We had a little mix-up with our play list and ended up having to do La Montana in our Mother India costumes, but it worked out just fine and made the evening a little more exciting :-) The audience seemed to really enjoy La Montana as most of them were from Spanish speaking countries. I, personally, really enjoyed the international experience. Though, it did make me sort of miss Peru.
I pray that the event was very successful and that many people were able to support the West Side Learning Center and the awesome work that they are doing as they help to educate internationals here in Syracuse. I was so blessed to be able to be a part of helping their event!
I also pray that many people were touched and felt the presence of God in that place as we danced.
To Him be all the glory!

St Augustine After School Program

On Tuesday April 5th we performed the Crown for the after school program at St. Augustine’s. We had plenty of time to set up as we arrived early. We analyzed the space to decide the direction we should set up the floor for a few minutes and then started getting ready. Their bathroom was our dressing room and was a little snug for all of us to fit in, but we managed. I don’t know about everyone, but this being our first performance back from Peru and on pointe it was a little rough going. Other than that, I think it went pretty well. The kids seemed to enjoy the performance and there were some kids that seemed very interested in the summer programs coming up! Cayla shared her testimony, which I didn’t really get to hear but I’m sure she did grand. Because of teaching engagements we had to rush to leave afterward but Gwen prayed that morning that God would expand our time. We were able to fit in healing hands with the children at the end which they were energetic about. We were also very impressed by our 14 minute strike. God was faithful in helping us with the time.