Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Northside Learning Center

We had the chance to give two performances of The Crown at the Northside Learning Center, a refugee center. The basement, where we were to perform, proved to be a bit of a challenge to perform in because of the support beams that were positioned throughout the room, but we were able to set up the stage so that none would block the view. The first performance was quite crowded, with about 30-40 students and teachers watching, and the second had about 20 people in the audience. They were very responsive and seemed to get quite a grasp on the story, even though some in the second class were just starting to learn English and the story is narrated. I am so grateful that dance is a universal language, and even when we can't speak to the audience in their language, we can use dance to share the Gospel message. Some of the teachers shared with us afterward that some of the students there were illiterate even in their own language, and that they saw how dance could be used to bridge the language barrier. I really enjoyed being at a refugee center with a mix of cultures and people especially after being on an international trip. I look forward to more chances like it! God bless!
~Cayla <3

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