Friday, April 20, 2018

Van Duyn Trainee Performance

To finish out our outreach time, we trainees performed Ana's Battle at Van Duyn nursing home. We had the privilege of being their official Friday night entertainment that week. As we rolled out the floors, they rolled in the popcorn machine and the show began. My choreography project was presented, followed by my testimony and Ana's Battle. Then residents joined us in arm motions to a song, in a declaration of freedom. When the dancing concluded, we were able to have quite interesting conversations with many of the residents and I could feel joy in the building that had not been there before. One woman was so enthusiastic that she sang her way out of the room! We left that place with a fullness in our hearts, having enjoyed God's presence, the people, and the popcorn tremendously! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Word of Life School

Light of the World Ballet Company was blessed to be able to perform at Word of Life School. We performed the story of Ana's Battle and Breanne shared her testimony. It was a special time of sharing with the children how they can overcome lies with truth. We had the opportunity to teach them some ballet steps and have a few brief conversations. The staff at Word of Life were so friendly and a true blessing to work with. We're grateful to be able to encourage the body of Christ and the next generation with dance and truth! Blessings, Anna

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

SU International Fellowship Luncheon

Hello everyone! Just wanted to tell you about the Trainees’ recent performance at SU! We performed for a group of international students during a luncheon put on by the Christian chaplain at the school. It was a wonderful time of learning about the outreach and talking with the people there and getting to know their stories. Amelia shared about the importance of living in community with one another, which I thought was especially meaningful for this performance. Thank you so much for your interest and support in our ministry!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Eagles Wings Academy

The Trainees and Company were so privileged to perform Follow the North Star for students and faculty from Eagles Wings Academy! They actually came to LWB’s studio to be a fantastic audience! Afterwards, we all had a very special time of talking with the students and praying individually for each one. Everyone in the room came away feeling very blessed! I always find a unique joy that comes with performing for kids and this time was no exception! -Jaelyn

Saturday, April 14, 2018

L'Arche Trainee Performance

To begin our outreach performances, LWB Trainees presented Ana's Battle for the L'Arche potluck for disabled individuals. We were warmly and joyfully welcomed and truly enjoyed the sense of community there. Our audience was enthusiastic and involved in the entire performance, which is such a pleasure for us as dancers! We were able to share a testimony and also the Gospel. One young man raised his hand to receive Jesus! Afterwards we had the opportunity to interact with everyone over a meal. Overall, we were immensely blessed by the opportunity, and we believe each person there was as well! We are grateful to L'Arche for having us!