Tuesday, November 13, 2012

India Vision Center Fundraiser

On November 3rd, the company had the opportunity to perform for a fundraiser for the ministry to "orphans" begun by Pastor Abraham. It was refreshing and encouraging to hear about the vision for this center, and what God has been doing in the lives of each of these kids! The center used to be called an orphanage, however, it has been changed to "Vision Center". The children are not referred to as orphans because they have a Father in heaven who loves them dearly and has a mission and purpose for their lives. At the Vision Center, the mission is to find the gifts and callings for each of the children and begin to train them in their giftings. Light of the World Ballet had the pleasure to minister at this center in India several years ago, so it is especially dear to our hearts. It was a privilege to be able to perform "Mother India" at the fundraiser. I felt that the dance fit well with the evening. It was so fun to be able to experience an evening in India without having to leave Syracuse! We even got to finish the night off with some absolutely delicious Indian food! The perfect finish to an awesome night! I pray that God abundantly blesses the India Vision Center, and provides for all the needs that they have to be able to effectively train up these precious children!! ~Breanne

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