Thursday, December 10, 2015

Salvation Army

   On December 3rd, LWB Company and Trainees had the privilege of performing for a Salvation Army location. The place was beautifully decorated for Christmas, so it made it all the more fun getting to perform "A Christmas Celebration" in such a festive setting! There was a good turnout of both men and women there, and the Lord worked in really powerful ways. It was awe inspiring to watch God softening the audience's hearts as they became more and more open to what we were sharing as the performance went on. There was such a great response when trainee Crisanna Bechtold shared her testimony and when Miss Ashley shared the salvation message. As several of the other trainees and I listened to the audience respond to God's love, we couldn't help from smiling, laughing, and thanking God for this ministry He has given us. He is so good and faithful! -Hannah Wallace

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