Monday, November 15, 2010

Word Of Life Assembly Of God

On Friday, November 12th, LWB company performed at Word Of Life Assembly Of God for a women's conference with Cheryl Salem speaking. Because of a tight teaching schedule that day, we had already brought the floor to the church on Wednesday and set-up the floor on Thursday. The performance was at 7pm. Ashley and I both finished teaching at 6pm so we all drove in our costumes to the church so that we could arrive, switch shoes to ballet slippers, set-up pointe shoes for quick changes, and go on stage! Thankfully we made it with a few minutes to spare! We performed “Lifesongs” and finished with “Healing Hands” in which we lead the audience in hand motions. This is such a powerful song and I love seeing the audience worship through their hand motions.

After we danced there was a time of worship and then Cheryl Salem spoke. We were going to get out of costume before joining in listening to Cheryl Salem speak. Breanne had left her black pants in the van so she and I went out into the very cold night to get them. After retrieving the pants we ran back to the church front door to find it locked! Neither of us had our phones. We tried knocking but there were double doors so no one heard us. We were wondering how long it would take before Ashley or Alyssa thought that we were kidnapped! We then decided to try and find our dressing room and see if there was a window we could knock on. Breanne and I ran halfway around the very large church till we found our window. There was an almost 5ft cement wall that Breanne jumped up onto to get to the window! She knocked and a very confused looking Alyssa came to the window. We then ran around again to the front of the church where Ashley let us in. Then we found we were locked out of another section of the church to get back to our dressing room. At least we were inside and warm! Someone from the church got a key for us and we finally made it back to the dressing room!

Cheryl Salem was such an amazing speaker! She has such an awesome testimony. We spoke with her for a while afterward. She was so encouraging! It was such a great night!

God Bless!

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