Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oswego Christian School

On November 10th, we had the opportunity to perform at Oswego Christian School. I think we were all excited to perform and minister to kids as we traveled the 40 minute drive to the school. The company, Sarah, and I performed “Alive” to start, and then the company and the trainee’s performed “The Crown”. Krystalan shared her testimony, and did really well! I believe the dancing was stronger than it had been for some performances, and the performance went very smoothly until we had a problem with one of our props.
At one point in “The Crown”, Ashley, playing the part of Wisdom, calls out to the foolish villagers, but Amy, playing the part of Lachlana, is the only one who hears her. Wisdom encourages her, and tells her how she can attain the Crown of Life. During the scene, Wisdom and her Maiden, Alyssa, use a large white veil while dancing. The stage at the school has a low ceiling, and the veil got caught on a nail on the ceiling! They continued to dance around it, and at the end of the scene, Ashley tried to subtly tug it down, but it began to rip. At this point, we were all laughing backstage as we changed for the next scene. Eventually, Ashley had to pull out a chair to stand on and remove the fabric. It took some effort to keep serious faces as we played the part of the Tormentors, Foolish’s assistants, after that!
At the end of the ballet, the audience participated in the arm motions to a song called “Healing Hands”. Seeing how people worship in movement during that song is always one of my favorite parts of the performances. The Lord’s presence was so evident, and it was such a blessing to be there and see how they were encouraged. We were able to pray with each child afterward, as well as with some people from a nearby nursing home that came for the performance. It was such a blessing to share with and encourage other Christians. I look forward to more opportunities like it! God bless!

Cayla <3

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