Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Walter Hoving Home

On Tuesday April 4th, we performed at the Walter Hoving Home in Garrison NY. The Walter Hoving Home is a home for women who are going through rehabilitation from different addictions. They provide a place for the women to come to learn different skills, as well as parenting classes, getting their driver's license, and much more! It is also a Christian organization that helps these beautiful women to find a relationship with Jesus Christ and experience His salvation and incredible love for each of us. I so enjoyed getting to know some of these women while we were there; they were such a blessing and it was a good time of refreshment on their beautiful property. We performed Alive, Lifesongs, and The Crown for them, Amy shared her testimony, and then we led them in arm motions to Healing Hands at the end. It went very well and I think that it really touched the hearts of everyone there. A couple of the ladies told us that the arm motions felt awkward at first since it really took them out of their element, but that it toched them deeply. It was great to see many of them in tears as they came out of their comfort zone to worship their Savior. It was a good lesson for me to remember to get out of my box for Jesus. Miss Ashley gave the salvation message and there were at least 4 of them that raised their hand saying that they prayed to receive Christ for the first time!!! It's so exciting to think that, as we danced our final dance, we were dancing and rejoicing at the same time as the angels in heaven over these women who were saved! All the glory goes to God for a fruitful and powerful performance! Praise Jesus! Love, Ashley

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