Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mt Pleasant Christian School

On Monday, April 9th, we performed The Crown at Mt. Pleasant Christian School. We were all concerned for Amy’s calf injury; the day before she had performed for the first time since getting injured. She had done great the day before, but after three back to back performances, her calf was not holding up very well (we later found out the it had been re-strained). After warming up, she decided it would probably be safest to alter some dances so she would be dancing less. After re-working some spacing to work without Amy, we spent some time in prayer, and prepared for the performance. The company opened with Lifesongs, a short worship ballet, and then we presented The Crown. Everything went fairly smoothly, and Amy’s calf made it through the whole performance! We got to pray with several audience members afterward, and got to know them a little bit. Some of the people who came to the performance had been part of the missions trip to Israel that the company members went on this past fall, and so they were very excited to see the company and the Rollinson’s again. We were so blessed by Ruth, who arranged the performance and organized a dinner for us for afterward, where we got to know her and her daughter a bit more. I am so glad we had this opportunity to minister to the people in Virginia! God bless! ~Cayla <3

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