Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Children of Promise

On April 23rd we danced in Brooklyn, NY at Children of Promise. It’s an after school program for kids who have a parent that is incarcerated. We danced on the fifth floor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center. Thankfully there was an elevator so we didn’t have to carry our marley up five flights of stairs! This performance took place in a very large gymnasium. It was a fantastic space, but there was nothing on the walls to absorb the sound, so it was difficult to hear the narration because everything echoed. We performed The Crown and the kids were very attentive. One of the workers told us that they had had other groups in to perform and the kids would get easily distracted. But when we performed they were excellent! I attribute this to fervent prayer. There is a part in The Crown where Gwen and I fight over a tambourine. During this exchange, poor Gwen cut her finger on it. It was bleeding like crazy and, of course, we didn’t have anything backstage to put on it. So, we were praying that the kids wouldn’t notice, which got answered thank the Lord! The kids were so wonderful! After The Crown, they all came up and gave us hugs and talked with us. They wanted to know what was in the money sack! :) You could tell that they longed for someone to truly love them and that some had been starving for this kind of love. When Miss. Ashley spoke, she gave an invitation to receive Christ and several children raised their hands! Mr. Rollinson also led one of the staff members to the Lord after the performance. The Lord’s hand was over that place and it was a very fruitful time of ministry. I pray that there will be other believers who come into the lives of those who made decisions for Christ and that there would be growth and blessing in their lives.


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