Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mexico, NY Workshop Performance

Thursday August 30, 2012 We had a performance to culminate the 4 day workshop that we held in Mexico, NY. We were warmly welcomed by the Believer’s Chapel North staff and community all week long and it was a special treat to have a performance to end the workshop. The younger pre-ballet level did 2 short pieces. They did very well for having such a short time to learn the dances and looked adorable on stage! The 2 older levels also did a dance and did it very well. They were focused and picked up the dance very quickly! We taught them a finale piece that involved everyone and incorporated flags and streamers. It was such a blessing to see them perform and worship the Lord through their dancing! Four girls also shared their testimonies; it was a blessing to see them step out and be used by God in that way. The company performed one of our new dances, “By Our Love” as well as “Life of Praise”. It was an awesome evening of worship! To God be all the glory!! Alyssa

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