Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maple Downs

We performed at Maple Downs Retirement Home on November 18th. The staff was very hospitable towards us. We were given a very large dance space in the dining room and a spacious room to use as a dressing room. It was great for the company and trainees to be dancing and praising the Lord together again. The performance started off great with the company dancing Song of the Ages, a piece in Hebrew. I really felt the Lord’s glory and presence filling the room as they finished up that dance. It was a fun experience for all 10 of us to perform Alive together for the first time. Although some of us ended up with too much space and some with not enough, Alive turned out just fine. After the company performed Lifesongs, Gwen shared from her heart about what the Lord has done in her life. I talked to only one lady named Hetti because we had to clean up the dining room for lunch. Hetti was impressed that all of our dances were centered around Jesus. After much prayer, we left with smiles on our faces, and I believe with God’s peace in the hearts of the staff and residents at Maple Downs.


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