Monday, April 5, 2010

Believer's Chapel- Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter!!! He is alive! It was a beautiful Easter morning... the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Amy, Alyssa, Breanne, and I arrived about 15 minutes early and began our warm-up. Amy & Alyssa placed a beautifully decorated 'boiled egg' for Ashley, right where she could see it. When Ashley arrived we all tried to hold back our laughing because she totally didn't see it until we showed her. It was really funny! haha... Performing went better all around than it did on Saturday. I think it always does because it's our second performance. The sanctuary was packed. We did do 'Above All' this time! It was sooo worshipful!!! The whole performance was really worshipful! For the dance 'Something Happens' I really love the part when it is "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus". Over and over again. Very powerful! They had us repeat the dance after the service was finished. Thank you Jesus for who you are!!! You are ALIVE!!!

-Rachel Meis <><

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