Thursday, March 25, 2010

Word of Life Christian Academy

Today we performed "You are Special" at Word of Life Christian Academy in Baldwinsville. I always enjoy our performances at Word of Life. The audiences are always so encouraging. I know that they are continually lifting us up in prayer. What a blessing!!!
Today's performance went well...up until the point when Ashley and Rachel both tripped over the dot and star box. Rachel covered up well by scolding the star box for being in her way (it fits right into her role as the scholarly Suzie :-), and Ashley's character is pretty clumsy so tripping over the dot box fit in quite well for her also. Our next improv challenge came during the part of the scene when Lucia comes out on stage to hold a stick for the limbo competition. As I was pulled out on stage, I glanced around looking for the stick, only to realize that it was nowhere to be found. So, my arm was dubbed the new limbo stick :-) It worked out only fear was that my arm or head might be injured as I held it out for dancers to jump over. Thank you Jesus, both arm and head are intact!
So, the performance today was very interesting. It kept us on our toes :-) I was also so blessed by the time we were able to spend ministering to the students. I shared my testimony of my struggles with being labeled as a "shy" person. How awesome that God loves us for who we are, and is able to set us free the the labels that the world tries to place on us! Afterward, we spent time praying over each student. It is such a privilege to lift up these precious lives in prayer. I'm excited to see what God has planned for them. Seems to me like there may be some future overseas missionaries at this school :-)


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