Sunday, March 28, 2010

Winds Of Agape

This past Monday we performed at Winds Of Agape. This is a ministry for disabled adults which uses different forms of art to help rebuild motor skills. The space was very small... 10ft by 19ft. After setting up the floor, costumes, and props, we started our performance of Mother India, Lifesongs, and Won't Turn Back. Although the "stage" was a challenge and the new spacing for choreography was still not ingrained into our bodies since recent changes, our audience of about ten people really enjoyed it! I was able to give my testimony as well as teach the five ballet arm positions between ballets. They were such a fun audience to speak to! Most of them would respond to my questions and several of them asked me questions before I even began speaking! Afterward we had them try different movements in their chairs. They enjoyed this and were again, a very responsive audience! We were then introduced to each resident or "team member". These were such precious people. The coordinator introduced us to a man who could not speak much at all. She said that while we were dancing to Won't Turn Back he kept saying, "I won't turn back, I won't turn back!" This was very exciting to the director as he does not speak much at all! He also really liked Rachel's yellow costume as that was his favorite color. He says that yellow covers everything. When he wakes up in the morning and feels discouraged he looks at the sun and that cheers him up because it covers the whole world! So yellow covers everything! Another man showed us his dance moves. :) The staff sang Amazing Grace for us. They were very good even though they said it was a bit rusty since their voices were not warmed up! Then we were shown the artwork of the team members. Different paintings, self portraits, and handmade earrings. They were beautiful. Each of us were given a pair of earrings too! It was so neat to see how God is using these people who are labeled as "handicapped". They are such talented people! I could tell that there was so much going on in each of their minds that they wanted to communicate but couldn't through speech. It was amazing to see how they communicate through their artwork as well as through sign language. Such a great morning!


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