Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parkside Academy

Friday, March 12, 2010

It was a nice early morning... 5:45 for most and even some 5:30 AM. After a warm-up at the studio we headed over to Parkside. We slightly lost each other in the 'following car' process. Thankfully we all pretty much knew to get there.
Our changing room was the 'boys room'. Our performing area was a big gym without heat... it was pretty cold! We actually had 2 performances at Parkside- 9:30 and 12:00. This was our first performance with Skip and Jason for the year.
So in piled the kids with their teachers. Allot of them had mental disabilities, so there were almost as many teachers as kids. Kelli C.'s cousin William was there... he works with the kids. During our performing there was always some noise or movement with the kids. I heard from a teacher that her kids were talking the whole time and they loved it! I pray that the kids really remember the message that 'You are Special'. The actual performing went great! We had some last minute changes due to no 'cocky boy' character... but everyone did really well! After we had the kids try some moves and they loved it! Especially the jumping up and down and spinning.
In between performances we went into a spare classroom and talked. We had a fun time reminiscing over past things. Ashley told us how she and Hannah B. first met... hilarious story! I found out that my sister, Deborah, would be coming the next week for her spring break! I was ecstatic!!!
The second performance went great! We moved the stage and sound closer so the kids could hear better and be more involved. I think it went allot better than the first one. Afterwards we actually were able to talk with some of the children. They loved Jason and his 'high,low' voice. There was one boy (2 yr.) who was blind and Jason did all these animal noises to interact with the boy. So cute...
Lord, I pray that you would bring to remembrance the message of how we are each special, to these children!

Rachel Meis <><

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