Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carousel Mall, Syracuse

Saturday, March 6th Light of the World got to perform at the Carousel Mall, right here in Syracuse, NY! This was very exciting for all of us, as we have been praying over the mall for some time now. Breanne and Rachel both work there. It was great to be able to perform there and proclaim the name of Jesus in this dark place. We even got to perform right in front of where Breanne and Rachel work!
We performed Life Songs and the Ballet level 5 from the school performed their version of won't turn back. The performance was for a "Family Times" fair, and Light of the World even had a booth and got to promote our summer camps coming up.
Unfortunately, I have been out with an injury this week, and although it was so hard for me not be dancing it was still fun to be able to watch the other girls dance and to intercede while they are dancing. I did help with sound too, so I didn't feel completely useless! But it was also nice to see the dances from a different perspective. And they all did such a good job!
We had excellent responses from the people watching, and there were even people looking down from the levels above. Even the Ballet 5s did their piece very well. It was a joy to have them there with us.
It still seems unbelievable that we were able to perform at the mall, because we have been praying for it for so long. It just goes to show you that God is faithful. What a great God we serve!
-Alyssa Coeman

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