Sunday, February 14, 2010

Westside Manor Adult Home 2-11-10

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to dance at Westside Manor adult home. And what an experience it was! This was Breanne's first booking by herself, and we are all very proud of her... yah Breanne!

Our day started bright and early with devotions and warm up class at 7:30 in the morning... maybe it was that particular morning, or the fact that we were all still waking up, but we were very cold! I guess that is what you get in snowy Syracuse. :)

We arrived at the adult home an hour before the performance. We walked in, and all the sweet adults were sitting in the front lobby area... the first thing we hear is them in their excited voices saying "Young people!" Their faces lit up. I found out later that the staff had told them a few days before that we were coming and they were so excited to see us. It was nice having such an eager audience. Latter when we were going back out to the car to start carrying in our floor they were saying, "What, are you leaving already?" Amy told me that while she and Alyssa I. were carrying flooring in one of them said "Those girls are working like dogs!" We all laughed at that one.

We ended up setting up in a living area. It was a tight space but we managed. However, we were supposed to do Life Songs, Mother India, and Won't Turn back, but because of the space we changed it last minute. Instead, we performed Alive, Mother India and Won't Turn Back, and we performed it on flat instead of on pointe. I think we were all happy about that one. We also took Amy's lift out of Mother India so she wouldn't hit her head on the ceiling... I'm sure she appreciated that change. We did manage in the space and I think the perforance went very well. The residents and the staff loved it. In fact, I could see their faces while we were dancing. They were so into it! Breanne shared her testimony, and I heard that it went really well. Ashley also did some "dance exercies" with them, which apparently they most of those excercises every morning so they were pretty good!

We had quite a bit of time to talk to people afterwards. I'm sure everyone has their own stories, but I got to met some very interesting people. I got to pray with one person that had gotten a stroke in October and her son had been diagnosed with cancer. She was so receptive to prayer. I could feel faith for her and her son growing in me while I was praying, it was a pretty good feeling! I also talked to one lady whose parent-on-laws were missionaries to China! That was pretty awesome. All the girls had great conversations with the people there. In fact, Rachel had one lady that even walked her to the dressing room. :)

Thanks be to God for allowing us to perform for the people at Westside Manor. How awesome it is to be able to share God's love with the residents there. They all have so much to share and we got to give back to them in a small way.

In Him,
Alyssa Coeman <3

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