Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Augustine Performance 2-9-10

After School Bible Program

After a nice class and run-through of Mother India we packed up the van with the floor, costumes, and props. We made such good timing that we were 15 minutes early. So, we sat in the car for a bit. Someone jokingly said... "I wonder if the doors are unlocked?" Well, Alyssa C. went and checked. Sure enough they were open... haha!!!

We unloaded and immediately moved to setting up. We decided to set up differently than our last performance here and that involved moving some giant carpets (who knows the last time they were moved.) Set up went smoothly and we started the performance around 2:30. We also were in a time crunch and had to be back in the van at 3:30.

We performed Mother India- first time with spacing changes and Alyssa C. had a new part... Great job Alyssa!!! :) In one part of the dance I stepped on my own foot prohibiting me from doing an arabesque...oops! Alyssa I. forgot to walk out in the second dance and quickly remembered- doing an amazing cover-up. :) hehe...

Amy shared her testimony and our dressing room (the bathroom) was so sound proof, we couldn't hear any of it. I'm sure it went wonderfully!

As we danced "Won't Turn Back" the kids eagerly joined in with clapping... they loved it!

Because of our time crunch, Ashley Alyssa I., and Breanne started striking the floor while Amy, me, and Alyssa C. did positions and dance steps with the kids. It worked really well. The kids were very energetic and loud. It was quite interesting rolling up the floor right by the kids trying to do moves.. this one little girl kept tripping on it :)... I think we did the entire strike and load up in 10-15 min. Way to go us! All in all it was so exciting to perform again and I pray the kids really were are encouraged in their walk with Christ and hope that they will want to seek Him more. It is such a beautiful thing to love, serve, and honor God!

Rachel Meis <><

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