Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wampsville Jail

The company and trainees had the wonderful opportunity to perform Ana's Battle, God With Us, and Joy to the World on November 21st at Wampsville Jail. Before leaving for the jail that morning, we spent time in prayer for the ladies at the jail, the people who work there daily, and for each other. Through God's grace, we were able to minister to the women. Crisanna shared her testimony with them, and Miss Ashley presented the gospel as the rest of us were praying. Several precious ladies responded and gave their hearts to Jesus that day. After the performance, we were all excited for the chance to take a picture with them before we left. As we were preparing to leave, one of the guards gave us a note that the sheriff had written, thanking us for coming and sharing the love of Christ with the women. We look forward to visiting again next year, as the sheriff said he hopes to make our performing at the jail an annual occurrence. Praise be to God for His beautiful faithfulness!

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