Thursday, December 12, 2013


On December 6th, LWB Company and Trainees performed Ana’s Battle for the homeschooled children of the HIM Ministry.  As soon as we walked into the room and saw the kids, you could tell that they were excited about the performance and couldn’t wait for it to start.  Some of them even helped us move things around to help us set up.  After the ballet finished, I shared my testimony and we did a fun dance to the song “All My Fountains” with the kids.  They were overjoyed with big smiles on their faces as we jumped up and down, twirled around, and skipped in a big circle with them.  We then went and laid hands on each the kids and prayed for them.  Miss Ashley also had the children find their parents and pray a special blessing over them.  It was so sweet!  We had a great time with the kids and are excited to see all of the wonderful things God does through them and the ministry! -Kristie

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