Friday, February 15, 2013

St. Luke's Hospital

On February 7th, we performed Ana’s Battle at St. Luke’s Hospital in Oswego, NY. In addition to the residents, there were also kids from a small Christian School that came to watch as well. Several of the young boys were very curious about the swords before the performance. Everything went very well. Our audience was most attentive and the story really seemed to resonate with them. I was privileged to be able to share my testimony from the microphone. We finished with Healing is in His Hands and this seemed to be a breakthrough moment. Many people, even the staff were greatly moved and in tears. The Spirit of God was definitely moving in that place. Afterwards we were able to interact with and pray for many of the folks there. The staff is so very kind and they gave us cake and brownies. I pray that the healing begun would continue and that the seeds planted would come into full bloom. Blessings, Abi

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