Monday, November 14, 2011

Cornerstone Tabernacle

Gwen, Krystalan, and I had the opportunity to talk about our missions trip to Peru to a group of girls in a youth group at Cornerstone Tabernacle. There were about 12 girls there between the ages of 13 and 16 who were very animated and easy to talk to. We arrived early to help set up, and the girls ate once they arrived, then we started to tell them about the culture differences between America and Peru. I shared about some of the highlights from the trip, the laid-back culture, and the church that we worked with while we were there, then we got to show them some pictures of the trip. Krystalan was able to tie it back to the Word by sharing on spiritual poverty, and how that affects us, not just those in countries where they might not have as much. Gwen closed with points of application, talking about how poverty and wealth are relative, but we should be focused on what is important; our stewardship is more important than the stuff we have. The girls were very engaging; at one point, some of them were becoming a bit distracted, and so one girl turned to them and shushed them, saying that we were not done. A week later, we heard back from the leader of the group, who said how appreciative they were, and that the girls seemed to really enjoy the message. The girls were a fun group to talk to, and I hope that they really absorb everything that was said. God bless!
~Cayla <3

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