Saturday, June 25, 2011

Voice of the Martyrs Benefit

Sunday June 5th

ऀ“Living Hope”, our new ballet based on the persecuted church in China, was premiered on Sunday at a benefit for the Voice of the Martyrs ministry. We were all pretty excited that the first time this ballet would be performed would be to raise awareness and support for the persecuted church through the ministry. We were also excited that Hannah Beaver, the choreographer of the ballet, was able to join us for a few days and be there for the first performance. For the first half of the benefit, local Christian worship dancers and schools performed, and then we performed “Living Hope” after the intermission. It was our first time performing the ballet, and so it did have some rough spots that will surely go smoother in the future. However, many in the audience were moved by the powerful portrayal of a young Christian girl being willing to give up so much for her Savior. Rehearsing this ballet has been such a good reminder of what those in other countries give up for their faith, and makes me want to take full advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel when they are paying such a high price for it. I am exciting to see how the message of “Living Hope” affects people as it starts to be performed more often, and I look forward to seeing how God continues to move through this ballet. God bless!

~Cayla <3

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  1. That's really cool! Hannah Beaver from Ballet Magnificat?