Monday, June 6, 2011


On Friday, May 20th, Light of the World performed The Crown at ARISE, which is an activity center for individuals with special needs. ARISE provides a safe and entertaining environment for the physically and emotionally handicapped. Light of the World is one of several performing groups that come to ARISE periodically to entertain the attendees at the center. This was our last performance of The Crown for the 2010-2011 Light of the World year, and it went very well. The attendees had a lot of fun watching us dance, and they had even more fun learning some dance steps after the performance. Although these people may be handicapped, there is no limit on their joy and enthusiasm for life. They always have smiles on their faces and are eager to greet us and converse with us before and after the performance. We had a great time ministering to them—there were about 20 special needs folks in attendance, as well as at least 5 ARISE workers. Many of the workers expressed to us what a blessing it was to their program that we were willing to come and be with the special needs individuals. ARISE is not an explicitly Christian program, so we couldn’t share a testimony during the performance, but they seemed very open to the message of The Crown and Healing is in His Hands. I know that Christ made an impact on the program through our dancing! Overall a great end to Light of the World’s Company and Trainee performance year.


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