Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baldwinsville Christian Academy

Saturday morning we got to perform at the craft fair at Baldwinsville Christian Academy, where Sarah's brother attends school. We did Christmas stuff as well as "Alive" and "Digee Dime" (from Basic Instructions choreography). It went well overall, especially considering the slightly small space. I accidentally kicked Sarah in the face when we did Digee Dime...but luckily she was okay! We also led the audience in Healing Hands, which at first was a little awkward, but after some encouragement from Mrs. Taddeo, was really well received at this venue. There was one little boy in particular who had the cutest look on his face as he did the arm movements! Afterward, Sarah told us that she got to talk to this lady who had a very poor opinion of ballet prior to seeing us, and after seeing this performance was more open to dance - especially dancing for the Lord! It was a good start to our long day that had another performance later!


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