Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winds of Agape

On October 20th we had the chance to perform for a group of special needs people from a place called Winds of Agape. We actually ended up having the performance at the ballet studio because it would give us more space to dance. We were a little bit worried about some of the logistics of getting everyone into the studio, but everything worked out just fine! The company performed Life of Praise, I gave my testimony, and then all of us (company and trainees) did The Crown. It was kind of nice being in a a familiar space, I must admit! At the end we did "Healing Hands," and got some of the people to join in with the simple arm movements.
It was neat to be able to minister to these people though - several of people with disabilities and the people helping them were believers. Another neat thing that we learned afterwords was that there were actually some refugees from Iraq and Cuba there as well. We really enjoyed performing for and talking with these sweet people! I hope and pray they were blessed by it :-)


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