Sunday, February 21, 2010

Refugee Center

February 16, 2010
Catholic Charities Refugee Center

We performed Alive, Mother India and Won't Turn Back at the Catholic Charities Refugee Center downtown. After taking warm-up class at the studio we all drove together in the van to the center. We performed in the gym which was located on the second floor of the building so we had a fun time carrying the floor and everything else needed up the stairs! We performed for the children as well as their parents and whoever else happened to be there at the time, the vast majority of the people did not speak or understand English. We were not able to openly share the Gospel, at the request of the sponsor, so as not to offend people of other religions. After dancing we divided the kids up and taught them some ballet steps in groups. It was so much fun to see them move and have fun as well as try and communicate with them. Breanne was able to talk with a young lady who was from Thailand who asked if we were a Christian group and then told Breanne that she, too, is a believer and she wants to go back to Thailand someday as a missionary! Wow! There were so many different nationalities represented it felt as if we had stepped a different country where hardly anyone speaks English! It was such a wonderful experience to be able to reach the nations in our own home city.

Be Blessed!
Alyssa Ishizu

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